About Me

I'm currently working as a professor of Organization Studies at the Izmir University of Economics. After a training in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BSc, MSc, 1986-1994), Physics (1986-1989), and Developmental Economics (1995-1996), I have practiced software development and management at private companies in Turkey and US (1994-2001). Soon after joining the Computer Science department at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2002 as a lecturer, I have started my PhD studies at the Social Sciences Institute's Organization Studies programme in 2004, which I have finished in 2009. Since then I have been teaching across undergraduate and graduate programs in business, informatics, and computing.

In recent years my main research focus has been on the social and organizational aspects of innovation in general, and software industry cases in particular. Based on structural features of organizing and knowledge exchange, my studies are concerned with nature and efficiency of collaboration in innovation, knowledge creation, and transfer across individuals and firms; with cases in software development and similar practices in virtual communities. My research approach reflect the inter-disciplinary character of my background: in computing and computational methods, and in organization studies. With this dual background, my research involves application of computational methods to empirical studies regarding collective production and innovation ecosystems, how do such systems sustain, and how people and organizations manage to collaborate and gain advantage in such systems, or why they fail. Subject of these work includes structural features of organizing and knowledge exchange, nature and efficiency of collaboration in knowledge creation and transfer across individuals and firms, and evolution of community features and dynamics over time.


Work Experience:

Organizations and community involvement