Industry and Research Projects

  • InoSuit: Innovation Systems mentorship programme (2017-2018)
  • Impact of structural arrangements on agility in inter-organizational innovation (2015-) Ongoing doctoral research supervised
  • Impact of communication on intra-organizational product innovation process and its agility (2015-) Ongoing doctoral research supervised
  • Consequences of cultural differences for relations in entrepreneurial ecosystems: (2015-) Ongoing doctoral research supervised
  • Social networks effect on career promotion: (2016-) Ongoing doctoral research supervised
  • Organizational change and culture (Türkcell): (2014-2016) Completed doctoral research supervised
  • Organizational perception of culture (Turkcell): In this study, using an existing digital archive, we examine employee opinion with data mining and topic analysis techniques to understand compartmentalization of organization’s culture, and adoption of new concepts by employees (2014)
  • EU FP6 project: EURACE (2006-2009): Expert researcher. Project full name: An agent-based software platform for European economic policy design with heterogeneous interacting agents: new insights from a bottom up approach to economic modeling and simulation (European commission project code: FP6-35086). This project aimed to produce a platform to support decision process in the monetary strategies of EU by simulating economic actors and their interaction using a multi-agent architecture.
  • BSMM: Researcher in British Council supported project “A barometer for science in the media monitoring (BSMM)”. The project started in march 2012, with teams from UK, Brasil, China, Italy, and Turkey. The project aims to measure science news in the media, across and within several countries.
  • TEYDEB: Social Commerce Research and Development Project: Supported unde TÜBİTAK 1507 program, project no 7120895, and led by Socio-Plus Information Technologies Inc., titled “Cloud based social commerce applications”, R&D/Software Development Project
  • TEYDEB: TÜBİTAK supported, under coordination of Skyatlas Inc., project aimed at statistical mdeling of resource requirements in cloud systems. Project no 7140255 (November 2014-December 2016).
  • Cloud modeling, TEYDEB supported project with Skyatlas Inc.: This project aims to model cloud computing user profiles using data mining and statistical methods, in order to use cloud infrastructure in a more effective and efficient manner.
  • Human Resources Process Automation (TEYDEB supported project with Inc. The project aims at using data science methods for improving human resources process quality and speed.
  • AirTies Technologies Inc:Consulting, Open source innovation strategy and license compatibility. 2009
  • Turkcell Communications Inc.: Value Added Services client architecture re-design and implementation. 2006

Software Projects

  • PopGUI: A software module which is a part of EURACE project, and used to initialize populations and relations between their members in large scale simulations.
  • A module that automates creation of an index in LaTeX projects.